Leak Detection & Repairs

Leak Detection

Leak detection is used to determine where a leak has occurred. Understanding the importance of leak detection is critical in the early stages as it can have significant structural damage on the building if it is not treated. Alcom Plumbing provide professional service across leak detection by employing a range of technologies to rectify the leak.

Thermal imaging as a method of identifying Leakage

Thermal imaging uses Infrared Technology to measure energy emitted by heat that cant be seen or detected by the human eye. This technology is an efficient and effective approach in identifying areas for leak detection. Thermal Imaging not only detects the cause of the leak through the measure of thermal energy, but also the moisture retained around the leak.

Hydrogen Tracer as a method of identifying Leakage

One of the most advanced and innovative approaches in leak detection is the Hydrogen Tracer Gas. This method is released into the pipeline by proximity to the area of the leak to allow detection of water leaks or other leaks when other approaches don’t work.

Acoustic equipment as a method of identifying leakage

The use of electronic hardware to find a pattern of noise consistency emitted by water escaping the pipes is known as Acoustic Leak Detection. This approach works by trying to locate a heavy underground water leak.