Electric Hot Water Units

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Electric hot water heaters and systems are an alternative to Gas, Solar and Heat pump heaters.  They make up 35% of the household energy usage. Electric hot water heaters work by storing water heated by electricity in the tank made readily available for use.
It is important to understand that Electric hot water heaters and or systems are generally inexpensive to install however the cost of usage depends on the electricity rates provided by your electricity provider. Electric hot water systems also tend to be the more affordable option when installing a replacement electric system.

Heat Pump Hot Water:

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems are environmentally friendly and tend to have lower operating costs. They operate by absorbing heat from the air and transferring it to your water. Although they run on electricity they are more efficient than the standard water heaters. Heat Pump Hot Water systems use electricity to pump a refrigerant around the system picking up heat from the air and then transferring it to the water.

Instantaneous Electric Hot Water heaters:

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems or continuous flow hot water heaters are hot water systems that are heated on demand and not stored.Instantaneous Hot Water Systems or continuous flow hot water heaters typically require high power inputs.

Electric Hot Water Systems:

Electric storage Hot Water Systems consist of an insulated storage tank where the hot water is kept ready for use generally set at 60-80°C.  The water is heated in the storage tank by one or more electric resistance elements.